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Cihangir Akşit's Novels

Sarı Sessizlik

Sarı Sessizlik
The disappearance novel
Sarikamish 1914

Colonel Resat Cigiltepe

Colonel Resat Cigiltepe
A 27 year service in
defense of a nation



Orders of Enver Pasha

Köprüköy, 19 December 1914, 22:00
Orders for 22 December:

1. Enemy is at its old position with their main powers.

2. To banish enemy forces from Kars to Aras Valley, 3rd Army will proceed from Oltu to north wing of the enemy.

3. Cavalry Division will be reinforced by infantry and gunners to attack enemy’s south wing which is located at Aras River. All attention will be drawn to that wing.

4. 11th Corps will stand still and to draw enemy’s attention fake attacks will be made. If enemy is going to attack with big power, they will be stopped.

5. 9th Corps will walk with at least two arms (Left Arm will be at Gerek-Yeniköy road) and arrive at Id road. Enemy’s platoon at İd will be stopped at all costs in order not to join to main forces at east.

6. 10th Corps will arrive at İd with a division and Ardos with another division. Both divisions will be attack as they see an enemy force.

      If operation can be done as ordered, 9th Corps will be at Çıtak-Pitkir line and 10th Corps will arrive at Oltu on 23 December 1914. On 24 December 1914 9th Corps will be at Kötek and Bardız. 10th Corps will be at Bardız line.

7. Lookout areas: The lookout borderline of Cavalry Division and 10th Corps is Araş River.10th and 9th Corps’s lookout borderline is the peak line going through Karabıyık-Sıçankale-Güllüdağ. 9th and 10th Corps’s borderline is Kargapazarı-İd-Oltu line.

      Lookout Duties: Is enemy main power stand still or are they present as parts or fully? Are they going towards to 11th Corps? If they are, are they moving from North Aras or east Aras? How much power do they have at Koçfanes, Şekerli, İd and Ardos?

8. Further orders will be given about the way of attack.

9. Army headquarter is at Köprüköy.

Comander-in-Chief representative Enver